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Planned Giving & Bequests

  • Please consider mentioning the Clinton Historical Society in your will.

  • You can also donate stock and securities that you’ve held for more than a year and gain a tax benefit. You’ll be able to deduct the current fair market value of the stock, even if you paid less for it, and you won’t pay capital gains taxes.

  • If you are age 70 1/2 or older and have an IRA, consider making a tax-free donation directly to CHS from your retirement account. A Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) will count toward your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). Such a donation should not affect your taxable income as long as the money is transferred directly from the IRA to the charity. We encourage you to speak to your tax professional prior to any gift.

  • If you would like more information about donating from your IRA or donating securities, please contact our investment advisor, Sam Pappas, at Mystic Asset Management. You may call him at 401-453-5558 or email him at